About Us

Hello and welcome to TribeNine! For many years we’ve been offering beautiful, handmade, bohemian clothing and art pieces at our large shop the Silk Road Trunk Show at the Texas Renaissance Festival and at many other events in the area. Now we bring you our new online shop TribeNine.com.

We are part of a community focused entrepreneurs, a unique melting pot of subculture in Austin Texas. We dance together, play together, camp together and often work together. We are dancers, bikers, farmers, health lovers, professionals, contact improvers, musicians, Renies, tiny housers, burners, rednecks, meditators, hipsters, spinners and entrepreneurs. We love festivals and music and playing outdoors together.

One perk of this business is that we are blessed to travel all over the world finding unique handmade pieces as we meet amazing people from many cultures. We have become friends with most of our family owned manufacturers and tailors from villages in multiple countries. We design and/or handpick every piece in our collection. We are not drop shippers; every item ships from our location here in Austin, from our hands to yours. We are right here when you need us.

Utility Belts are only one category of the many amazing items we have in our physical shop. We’ll be adding men’s and women’s clothing over the next few months. Keep checking back for new pieces, or share your contact info and we will let you know as new categories go online. Please let us know what you would like to see next online!

All these years we’ve been blessed to get to know, in person, so many wonderful customers. Now we look forward to expanding that circle of customers who we also hope to someday count as friends. Welcome to the TribeNine community!